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Quinze is quite unique because the team primarily works on end to end solutions, from “what if we...” to happy end-users. While this is absolutely the ideal way to develop, there’s one drawback: bandwidth. We can only take on a selected number of projects each year, and because of this we try to be very disciplined with what we take on. We work only on projects where:

We can materially add

value to your business

If we can’t make you richer, more effective, more impactful, we’ll have to excuse ourselves. We don’t believe in milking clients, selling deliverables – your success is our success.

We’re solving a problem

If you have the hardware done and would like us to“skin it”, can do it but, we consider products and brands holistic answers to problems. Solutions are always more than skin deep.

We are on the same page with founders / leadership team

Developing products, brands and experiences is extraordinarily tough, and we’ll have to bleed together. It is impossible if we’re not pulling in the same direction.

We are making a postive impact

The Brand and Product should aim to help people in some way. We don't mean it should save the world. We mean it should enrich life, and be in some way positive. Even if it simply makes people smile more.

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