Menstruation is a silent spectacle. For every woman half of her lifetime, every month or even more often. What currently attacts media attention is its ambivalence: shame and normality. Bleeding every month is the most common thing in the world. 

Ignoring is not an option.


In 2019, 56 million girls

aged 9-13 experienced menstruation for

the first time.

Sadly, most had negative experiences affecting their physical and emotional development. Worse still, girls committed suicide from bullying by peers, parents and teachers’ ignorance and the taboo around menstruation.

How can we improve the experience of the first menstrual period?


women are experiencing menstruation right now


girls will experience it for the first time this year




Lack of 


Lack of 





Positive experience

Survey made to woman from 19-46

Negative experience

The support does not belong neither to the negative nor the positive side supporting with erroneous or taboo information can be even worse than having no information at all, it generates confusion and can lead to making bad decisions aggravating the experience, but with the right guide, support can be the best tool given to the girl in order to understand and embrase this new stage of her life.

The Goal

Be able to improve the experience of the first menstrual cycle of the girls through the education with correct information.
Being able to have an approximate date of the moment in which it will be presented, analyzing the different variables.

The Challenge

Talk to parents and teachers, doctors and psicologyst about this taboo topic, get the most people possible involved  to work together in order to have  better results, break the taboo and have a better development of the girls of the future. 



help her know herself better

Maybe is the app generated to solve this taboo problem from two fronts:


Data analysis

together creating a system for preventing bad experiences since you can know an approximate date for your daughter's first period, as well as learn about topics related to the first period or sexuality and  be able to address them in the right way at the right time.

Maybe app is extremely simple. It is attractive, clean, and intuitive.


 When filled with the historic data of the girl (such as habits, food, sport activity, age, mother’s age when first period)  shows the levels of the female hormones this information is analysed and the user may see the probability of their daughter to have her first menstruation month 


It also has previously filtered articles written by psiclogyst, doctors, and specialist for parent or teacher to understad better how to guide their daughter, educate her better, with appropriate information in the correct time so she can confident about her body and herself.

Month probability of

having the menarche

Graph that shows the analysis of  the most important female hormones

Fully intuituve UX/UI

App Configuration

Previously filtered by specialist articles 

As human beings is our duty to assure a better development of our society in order to keep improving and making life better. We should take one step at the time, how can we fix big issues if we can’t fix commons ones? How can we talk about quality education if we keep feeding the taboos that are harmful?


I hope with the correctly timed and quality education about menstruation and sexuality, young girls can be empowered, educated and be maybe, be this the first step


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